Wednesday, March 15, 2006


According to Time Magazine (March 20, 2006) Mathew Cloyd, 20, was charged with federal conspiracy to burn churches after he and two of his friends torched nine churches in Alabama. Mathew Cloyd was "an avid deer hunter" and according to documents, Cloyd and his two buddies "set five fires as a joke after a night of drinking and shooting deer, then torched four more churches 100 miles away." pg. 48 - Time Magazine (March 20, 2006)

In San Diego, a hunter was indicted on federal charges that he started a blaze that grew into the Cedar fire, the largest wildfire in California history, and later lied about it. Sergio Martinez, 34, is accused of sparking the Oct. 25, 2003 wildfire when he became lost on a hunting trip in the Cleveland National Forest and started a blaze to signal for help, according to the county Sheriff's Department. The fire eventually consumed 270,000 acres and killed 14 people.

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